Loopy Headband

Loopy Headband
Loopy Headband

This loopy headband is kind of on the funky side. The loops want to stand straight up, but after playing around with them you can get them to lay a little flatter. Although it is very time consuming, you can take a hot iron to the loops and lightly press them open. You want to be careful though that you don’t press them too hard as that will just flatten them completely.

You can tie the headband on top of the head for an extra touch, or at the bottom.

You can make this headband for a young toddler or for yourself. Instructions are given for a toddler size.

Click this link for a short tutorial on How To Make the Loop Stitch

Material: Size 3 Crochet thread
Hook size: 3.00MM
Gauge: Measures approximately 1″ across 5 stitches.
Finished Length: Measures approximately 26″.

Ch 120 (For an adult band ch at least 140-150 or more depending on how long you want the band.

Rnd 1: Work 2 loop sts into second ch from hook, 1 loop st into each ch to end. Work another 3 lp sts in last ch, turning the work and working in back lps of chs, work 1 lp st in each ch to end, work another 2 lp sts in last ch, join with sl st.

Rnd 2: Ch 1, work 1 lp st into each st around, join with sl st and fasten off.

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