How To Sew A Hair Scrunchie

How To Sew A Hair Scrunchie

Learn how to sew your own hair scrunchies using an elastic and a small piece of fabric, you can even use leftover material from other sewing projects.

Sewing Thread

Guide to selecting the right sewing thread for different fabrics.

Sewing With Satin

Sewing With Satin

Satin is more difficult to work with and extra precautions need to be taken to ensure proffessional results. Here are some guidelines on how to prepare for cutting, how to sew, press, and finish satin fabrics.

Special Sewing Tools

A brief overview on some of the special sewing tools available on the market to help save you time and money.

Synthetic Fabrics

A brief overview of how synthetic fabrics are made, along with some of the pros an cons of synthetic fabrics.

Trims And Binding Tapes For Sewing

Trims and tapes are used in various ways to add decorative touches, hem finishes, reinforce clipped corners, and to make drawstings and button loops.

Woven Fabrics

A brief description of woven fabrics, some of the different types of weaves such as plain, twill and satin weaves.