Trims And Binding Tapes For Sewing

Trims and tapes are incorporated into sewing projects in many different ways. They can be used to add decorative touches to the finished garment, used as reinforcements, in hem finishes, quilts, or to make drawstrings and button loops.

There are many different types of trims and tapes that you can use, making them suitable for a variety of different sewing patterns. They are available at fabric stores and generally found in the same section as where all the zippers, buttons and other embellishments are. Here is a brief overview on some of the common trims and tapes used in sewing today.

Single Fold Bias Tape

The single-fold bias tape comes in measurements of 1/2″ and 7/8″ wide, and is available in prints and solid colors. It is used in trims, facings, and casings.

Double Fold Bias Tape

Double-folded bias tape comes folded in measurements of 1/4″ and 1/2″. It is used to bind raw edges when quilting and other sewing projects such as necklines, cuffs, and hems.

Seam Tape

Seam tape is 3/8″ wide and is available in rayon and polyester. It is used to reinforce clipped corners, finish hems, and stay seams.

Twill Tape

Twill tape is available in different widths up to 2″. It is used to stay seams, make casings, bind edges, reinforce buttonholes, and make ties or button loops.

Lace Seam Binding

Lace Seam Binding is available in different widths and is used in hem finishings where stretch is required, and it can also be as a decorative trim or edging.

Rick Rack

Rick Rack comes in different widths. It has curved edges that form a zig-zag shape making it perfect for trim and edge decorations. It’s great for casual wear and home decor projects.


Braid is used as decorative trims and edgings, drawstrings, ties and button loops.

Corded Piping

Corded piping is sewn into seams of decorative pillows, bedding, curtains, and other decorative edgings.


Elastic comes in many different widths, and designs. It is used in casings to add shape to garments such as waistbands, necklines, or anywhere to allow for movement in garments or other sewing projects.

Elastic is also used in lingerie and undergarments to not only help them stay in place but to add decorative trimming as well.

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