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5 Unique DIY Sewing Crafts For An Amazing Home Decor by Dealsland

Quick and Easy Home Decor Tips ~ A Guest Post by Dealsland.

5 Unique DIY Sewing Crafts For An Amazing Home Decor by Dealsland
5 Unique DIY Sewing Crafts For An Amazing Home Decor by Dealsland

All of us like to live in a welcoming home which is comfortable enough and has an attractive look. Usually, people buy various types of home furnishing and luxurious furniture to meet the purpose. But, some of you would have a creative personality and like to create special everything, would definitely like to reflect the same scenario in your home as well. So, here I am sharing seven stunning home decorating patterns which you can sew easily and will certainly love to decorate your home.

Therefore, it’s again the time to put your sewing machine to the test. And also to show off your sewing abilities and creativity!! Doing that you can express your crafty side and while you can even save a lot of your bucks. So, put your own spin on a piece, gather up designs and fabrics in the colour patterns that match up your wall-colours and create an instantly stylish ambiance as well as a customized feel in your living room, bedroom and where not!

Let’s get started !!

  1. Personally decorated lamp-shades

You can not only bring light into your home but also add a different flair to your living room with a lovely refashioned lamp shades. The highly decorated and trendy lamp shades available in the market are very common which you can see in every other friend’s home. Why don’t you make a difference?

So, you just have to buy a simple lampshade from any top store which sells nice home furnishings. You can even save your pocket while doing so by using the Argos latest offers and deals. After that, sew some pretty colourful flowers in a piece of bright coloured fabric and fix it over the shade. You’re done! This will certainly give an ecstatic touch to your typical lampshade.

  1. Go for some handmade pillows

You can easily spruce up any space by adding bright and colourful handmade pillows. And what else can be better than a set of self-sewn pillows in any corner of your room. You can make these very quickly but they can really live up your home like never before. All that matters in this project is how beautifully you sew the cover. You can select your favourite colours when it comes to threads and fabrics and give it your customized touch.

  1. Gorgeous DIY decor for bathroom

Who says that bathroom can’t be as interesting as the living room of the house? It can obviously be!! You can make a cutting-edge bathroom mat instead of placing a typical floor mat in your bathroom. And the best part is that it doesn’t need more to finish making such a mat.

You just have to grab some bright and vibrant fabric and take out some time from your busy schedule so that you can sew few colourful bathmats to place in your washroom. You can even go for making a pretty and luxurious shower curtain by sewing some beautiful designs on a satin fabric cloth.

  1. The one of a kind rug pillows

When it comes to giving your home a completely different look, you can make few especial things which will prove completely unique to your abode. The one thing which I can think of can be a giant size rug pillow which is inexpensive to make and you can give a vibrant and colourful touch to it with the bright threads. It can be a creative seating arrangement for your living room.

  1. Captivating thread bowls for your centre-table

If you want to give a creative look to the sitting area of your living room then you can certainly make a charismatic bowl with the colourful threads. Add some pretty and dazzling embellishments in it. Then just keep it on the big table in the centre of the room which attracts the people when they enter your home. It will certainly add-up to the whole look of your living room.

Worrying about the high price-tags of the basic materials to make these crafts? Not to worry!! You can browse through Dealslands to avail various deals and discount offers from the leading stores of the UK which sell such products.

So, just follow these ideas and decorate your home in the most beautiful and idiosyncratic way ever!!

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