Crochet Blanket Sizes Chart

Here is a handy crochet blanket sizes chart to make it easy for you to crochet your baby blankets, throws and other afghans to any size that you like. This size chart includes baby blanket sizes, toddler and children blanket sizes, adult throw sizes, as well as sizes for your beds.

Blankets are super easy to adjust to any size if you know the stitch multiple of the pattern. The surest way to get the size you need is to do a quick gauge swatch and then recalculate your starting chains accordingly. The chart below makes it easy to see what size you need.

Consider the Edging

Another thing to consider before getting started is whether or not you want to add an edging to your blanket. Some stitch patterns look great without an edge, but others could use an edging. A simple single crochet edging can help to straighten out a jagged edge, but other times you might want a fancy lace. This is true especially when it comes to baby blankets.

Whatever you decide to do, do the same for your gauge swatch. This will not only help in determining you final measurements, but it can also help in terms of stitch counts for your edging, if you decide to go down that route.

The Calculations

Let’s start with your gauge swatch. You’ll want to wet it down and lay it flat to dry. Then once completely dried, you’ll take your gauge measurement to see how many stitches you have per inch.

To make it easy, let’s say you have 20 stitches per 4 inches. Then to calculate stitches per inch, you would divide 20 by 4, which gives you 5 stitches per inch.

Now, let’s say you want your blanket to measure 60 inches wide before you add any type of edging. You would then take 60 and multiply that by 5 to get your stitch count. 60 x 5 = 300. So you would need 300 stitches.

Then for your starting chains, you would need to make 300 chains, plus whatever you would need as a turning chain. If you’re working with single and half double crochets in your first row, you would only need to add one more chain for a total of 301 starting chains. And for double crochets as your first row, you would need 302, and so on.

Here are some blankets to start off with:
Blossom Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern
Cotton Baby Blanket
Simple Seeded Lace Blanket
Growing Stripes Super Bulky Throw
V-Stitch Blanket

Crochet Blanket Sizes Chart including all sizes from baby blankets, children's blankets and sizes for throws and blankets for your bed.

This chart is not only great for crocheted blankets, but you can also use this as a guide for all your knitting, sewing and quilted blankets.

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    1. Hi Ginger, the number of stitches would depend on the yarn and hook size that you are using. An easy way is to make a gauge swatch and measure your stitch count per several inches. Then use that count to determine your starting chains.

  1. Hello! I want to crochet a blanket for my niece who is turning 6 for her birthday in March. I was wondering what size throw blanket would be good for a child? 42″x 54″? and if so how many chains would I have to start with? I plan on using Bernat Blanket yarn, Super bulky(6), using a single crochet stitch. Also, what would be a good hook for this? I got a 10mm and an 8mm(those are the biggest ones I have).

    I’m sorry for the so many questions on this. I just want to be sure I get this right since it’s going to be a birthday gift. lol. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Nubia, To determine your amount of stitches you would need to do a gauge swatch first to determine your stitch count per several inches. As for the hook, the yarn recommends to use an 8mm. However, I have done several blankets with a 9mm and it worked well too. It all depends on the stitch and how much drape or how loose you like the stitches.

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