Sewing Thread

It is important that you choose the correct thread when sewing in order to ensure strong seams that won’t come undone. The right thread will also help to prevent puckering and result in a more professional look of the garmet. As with fabric, the sewing thread is made either from natural or synthetic fibers, or from both fibers blended together. The general rule of thumb is to use natural fiber thread with natural fabrics, and synthetic fiber thread with synthetic fabrics.

When shopping for thread, select thread with one shade darker than the fabric. For multi-colored fabrics choose thread to match the dominant color.

Cotton-wrapped Polyester Thread

Cotton-wrapped polyester is an all-purpose thread and can be used with natural and synthetic fibers, including woven and knit fabrics. It can be used for hand and machine sewing.

Extra Fine Cotton-wrapped Polyester Thread

Extra fine cotton-wrapped polyester thread is ideal for lightweight fabrics because it reduces the puckering. It is also great for machine embroidery because it does not build up or break during the process.

Long-fiber Polyester Thread

Long-fiber Polyester is an even and smooth thread suitable for both hand and machine stitching.

100% Mercerized Cotton

100% mercerized cotton thread is suitable for natural fiber woven fabrics such as cotton, rayon, linen and wool. It does not have stretch, and therefore is not suitable for stretchy fabrics as the thread will break if the garment is stretched.

Topstitching and buttonhole Twist

Topstitching and Buttonhole Twist is great for topstitching, decorative machine stitching, and machine and hand-worked buttonholes.

Hand Quilting Thread

Hand quilting thread is a strong thread and comes in cotton or polyester/cotton. It is much easier to work with than most other threads as it doesn’t get tangled or knotted while sewing by hand. It works well for sewing through multiples of fabric, such as in quilts.

Button and Carpet Thread

Button and carpet thread is designed for hand sewing in areas where extra strength is required. Use it to reinforce seams in stressed areas of the garment.

Silk Thread

Silk thread is a fine, yet strong thread suitable for silk and wool fabrics. It has enough stretch to make it suitable for knit fabrics. Unlike many other threads, silk thread will not leave holes during sewing and does not imprint during pressing. It’s great for dressy clothes.

Nylon Thread

Nylon is another fine strong thread, and is suitable for light to medium weight synthetic fabrics.

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