Knit Fabrics

Of all fabrics, knit fabrics are the most comfortable to wear. They are stretchy and able to conform to the body, making them perfect for underclothing. They are great for lingerie and sportswear, as well as for adding warmth in the winter. In addition, they are easy to care for as they require less pressing or ironing than most woven fabrics.

Knit fabrics are made from natural and man-made fibers, and can be used in a wide variety of sewing projects. There are also different types of knits such as the double knit, plain knit, also known as jersey, rib knit, interlock knit, stretch knit and sweater knit.

The double knit is a medium to heavy weight fabric. The ribs basically look the same on both sides. This fabric generally does not stretch that much, but it is great for dresses, skirts, pants and jackets.

Jersey and interlock knits are light to medium weight fabrics with a stretch from 20 to 35% across the grain. The fabric is great for t-shirts and other tops, shorts and pajamas.

Sweater knits are available in a variety of weights and various different stretch degrees. These fabrics are great for sweaters, cardigans and other winter wear.

Then you have the rib knit, which has a 100% crosswise stretch. This amount of stretch is perfect for cuffs, neckbands and waistbands.

Two way stretch fabrics with nylon/spandex and cotton/spandex are great for swimwear and other sportswear.

Knit fabrics are not suitable for a beginner as the fabric tends to stretch out and pucker as it is being sewn. You need to have the right needle, the right thread, stitch setting and tension in order to avoid the stretching and puckering.

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