The CNC Pretty Simple Stitch

The CNC Pretty Simple Stitch Tutorial
The CNC Pretty Simple Stitch Tutorial

The pretty simple stitch is truly simple and mindless to crochet, yet elegant enough for just about any crocheted project. In all of the patterns published, the stitch is worked in the round. I once tried working it in rows, but the pretty texture and lacy effect just wasn’t there. So in the round it has been thus far, and in the round it will stay!

Patterns in this stitch collection can be found here: The CNC Pretty Simple Pattern Collection. A few patterns in the above photo are not yet published, but they’re coming soon. And I was certain I had published more in this pattern, but I guess they are still on my to-do list. So keep checking back for more.

And although simple, I couldn’t figure out how to word the stitch instructions so it made sense to everyone. Sometimes I’m just terrible with words.. and what makes sense to me, just doesn’t for others. So hopefully the following tutorial will help.

Update: I’ve decided to call the two HDC sts a V-Stitch to make it easier. Thus, the 2 hdc sts (The V-st) are worked into the V-sts to create a lovely design.

Pretty Simple Stitch
Pretty Simple Stitch

Also, in Step 5 below it says to sl st into sp between the first two hdc. You can most certainly do that, but in some patterns I decided to do it the “lazy” way and omit the sl st. Thus, I simply made a ch-1 and worked directly into the first V-st. It’s up to you what you do, as long as you stay consistent.

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Pretty Simple Stitch Photo Tutorial
Photo Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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  1. Thank you. I am going to try to make this to wear over a wrist and hand brace for arthritis. The Velcro closings catch onto my yarn and mess it up. This should stop that if I can make it big enough to go over it

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