Small Bullion Stitch Doily

Small Bullion Stitch Doily ~ FREE Crochet Pattern
Small Bullion Stitch Doily ~ FREE Crochet Pattern

This doily is a simple add-on for the bullion stitch coaster that I did a while back. Silly me, not thinking straight again, I thought I could crochet an entire rug by following the pattern. But as you can see, I didn’t get very far before it started ruffling out of control. But I figured it would make for a nice doily, and thus fastened off and kept it.

So now you know how it goes in the crochet design world: Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t. But you never lose when you follow your inspirations. Even if the project is a flop, there is still a valuable lessen to be learned: Always do the math and a rough sketch first, and don’t start a new design after your brain has gone to sleep.

(I’ve done a rough sketch now, and hope to have a rug pattern soon.)

In the meantime, here is the adorable doily I came up with. It’s great for a flower vase on the table, a candle or maybe even as a large cup cozy. Hope you will enjoy it.

And for something a bit prettier, you might enjoy this doily.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver or any medium worsted weight yarn.
Crochet Hook: H/8-5.00mm

Gauge: Measures just over 3″ across diameter of first 3 rounds

Finished Size: Measures just over 5″ across diameter.


Bullion St = Bullion Stitch
Ch/Chs = Chain/Chains
Hk = Hook
Lp/Lps = Loop/Loops
Sc = Single Crochet
Sl St = Slip Stitch
Sp/Sps = Space/Spaces
St/Sts = Stitch/Stitches
YO = Yarn Over

Special Stitch Instructions:

Bullion St: YO 6 times, insert hk into designated st, yo and pull through (8 lps on hk), yo and pull through all lps on hk, yo and pull through to close stitch. Bullion Stitch Tutorial

Pattern Instructions:

Ch 4, join with sl st in first ch to form circle.

Rnd 1: Ch 1, 2 sc in same ch as join and into each ch around; join with sl st in first sc. (8 sts)

Rnd 2: Ch 3, work 2 bullion sts in same st as join and into each st around; join with sl st in first bullion st. (16 sts)

Rnd 3: Ch 1, work 2 sc in same st as join and into each bullion st around. (32 sts) Note: You have two sps above the bullion st that can be worked into; crochet into first sp only.

Rnd 4: Ch 3, work 1 bullion st in same st as join and into each st around; join with sl st in first bullion st. (32 sts)

Rnd 5: Same as rnd 3. (64 sts)

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