Crochet Tutorials

Learn to crochet with these crochet tutorials. Most of these are photo tutorials, but some also include a video tutorial. Included here are basic crochet stitch tutorials, as well as more advanced techniques.

These tutorials are perfect for beginners to learn how to crochet, as well as for advanced crocheters looking for a new technique.

Is It Hard To Learn To Crochet?

No, crocheting is not hard to learn. However, it can be awkward at first until you get the hang of holding your hook and yarn. Once you’re comfortable with that, learning different stitches is not hard.

Then after that, it’s simply a matter of starting simple and working your way up.

What Should I Learn First When Crocheting?

The first step is learning how to start the crochet project. You’ll need to learn how to tie a slip knot, which is a common way to start projects whether they are worked in rows or in rounds. Projects that are worked in the round can also be started with a magic circle.

Another basic step is to make your starting chain, which is a simple matter of wrapping the working yarn over the hook and pulling it through the loop that is on your hook.

Next, you’re ready to learn your basic crochet stitches. The single crochet stitch is the easiest stitch to learn. Other basic stitches include the extended single crochethalf double crochet, double crochet and the triple crochet, also known as a treble crochet stitch.

Reading Crochet Patterns

Learning to read crochet patterns is also beneficial because it will put you on the road to independence where you can pick up a pattern and crochet anything you want! You should also take some time in getting familiar with crochet abbreviations, as most written patterns use them.

Stitch Markers

Another useful thing to know is the use of stitch markers! When learning to crochet, it is often difficult to see where your stitches are. It can be tricky to see where the first and last stitches are in the rows or rounds; so placing markers can help to take the guess work out. You don’t have to buy fancy markers, some use safety pins and others simply use yarn scraps to make their marks.

Choosing Your Yarn

An acrylic worsted weight yarn and a 5mm crochet hook are the easiest to learn with. Red Heart Super Saver is an excellent yarn to learn with not only because is it worsted weight, but also because you can rip it out multiple times before it comes out all funny and frayed.

If you like to start off with a thread or a super bulky yarn, you can, but it might be a bit more difficult for you to learn.

The only type of yarns that I would recommend you stay away from during your first few projects are fuzzy yarns and eyelash yarns.

Choosing Your First Patterns

When choosing your very first project, go for something with no shaping. That means all stitches are worked evenly across the rows, like in a scarf or in a blanket or dishcloth.

Another thing to avoid for your first few projects is color changes. Although they are easy to do, it can sometimes become awkward, which in turn might be overwhelming for beginners.

Free Patterns to Get You Started

How To String Beads Onto Yarn

A short tutorial on how to string beads onto yarn. You can string the beads on in advance if they will be used at the beginning of the project.

How to Make a Loop Stitch With Beads

Here is a short crochet tutorial on how to make a loop stitch with beads. The beaded loop stitch is a great way to add some additional decoration to just about any type of crochet project.

Foundation Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial

The foundation single crochet stitch is an alternative to using the beginning chains and the first row of single crochet stitches. The video tutorial shows you how to make the foundation single crochet stitch, where to insert the hook, and how to use the stitch when adding additional stitches to your work.