Crochet Blossom Stitch

The crochet blossom stitch has a nice lacy appearance to it. I fell in love with it due to the prettiness as well as the ease of the stitch. It allows for hours of fun and mindless crochet once you get started on it.

Crochet Blossom Stitch ~ Photo Tutorial
Crochet Blossom Stitch ~ Photo Tutorial

The stitch pattern is a multiple of 4 + 1, making it easy to adjust for any length. Thus, it’s perfect for summer tops, afghans, bags, dishcloths or anything else you can think of! See some of my collection of free patterns below the tutorial.

A Few Patterns Using The Blossom Stitch

Crochet Blossom Stitch Photo Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make to blossom crochet stitch. It's a combination of v-stitches, double crochets, single crochets and chains.
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  • Step 1: Make your chains (any multiple of 4 + 1), and place the marker in the last chain made. This marked chain will act the first single crochet in row 1.
    Blossom Stitch 1
  • Step 2: (Dc, ch 1, dc) in third chain from hook to make a V-St.
    Blossom Stitch 2
  • Step 3: Skip the next chain, then sc into the next chain.
    Blossom Stitch 3
  • Step 4: *Skip the next ch, V-st in next ch, skip next ch, sc into next ch. Repeat across ending with a sc in last ch.
    Blossom Stitch 4
  • Step 5: Turn your work and ch 4. Or, ch 4 and then turn your work. The 4 chains count as your first dc and first ch-1 in the second row.
    Blossom Stitch 5
  • Step 6: (Sc, ch 1) into the first V-st.
    Blossom Stitch 6
  • Step 7: (Dc, ch 1) into next sc, (sc, ch 1) in next V-st.
    Blossom Stitch 7
  • Step 8: Repeat step 7 across ending with a (dc, ch 1) in last sc (the marked ch). Chain 1 (counts as the first single crochet for the next row).
    Blosson Stitch 8
  • Move the stitch marker up to mark this chain as your first stitch.
    Blossom Stitch 8-b
  • Step 9: V-st into the first sc. Sc into the next dc. Repeat the process across ending with a sc in last dc (3rd chain).
    Blossom Stitch 9
  • Step 10: End the row by working a single crochet into the last st (third chain).
    Blossom Stitch
  • This image shows the row complete
    Blossom Stitch 11
  • Then begin again at step 5 and repeat  until you have reached a desired height.

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