Simple Corded Headband

Simple Corded Headband ~ FREE Crochet Pattern
Simple Corded Headband ~ FREE Crochet Pattern

Here is a little something different for your hair. The crochet headband is made up with three simple crocheted cords. The size can be adjusted for both children and adults, and makes for a lovely stashbuster pattern.

In the example below you see it braided for a lovely look on both sides of the braids.

Here you see the two sides.

And if you don’t like the braids, another option is to make a few twists in the cords before you make the second knot. Or, you could do without the twists as well, but I prefer a bit of a twisted look.

Simple Corded Headband with a Twist
Simple Corded Headband with a Twist

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Crochet Pattern Information

Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice (Worsted Weight (#4) 100% acrylic, 3.5 oz/100 g – 170 yds/156 m) 2 or more colors as desired.
Crochet Hook: G 4.00mm

Finished Size: Fits a small adult, but can be adjusted as needed from child to adult large.


MC = Main Color
CC = Contrasting Color.

Ch/Chs = Chain/Chains
Sl St = Slip Stitch

Special Stitch Instructions:


This headband is made of three individual cords that are tied together. The knot looks great at the sides of the head, however, the knot got a little big at the back when tied with 6 cords. Therefore, one cord is a bit longer and is used for tying, while the other two are left hanging from the sides.

Although I used the same amount of chains for both bands, the braided one came out slightly shorter than the one with a few twists. Thus, for a longer one, you simply increase your starting chains.

Crochet Pattern Instructions:

Make 3 – two with 150 chs and one with 200 chs.

Row 1: With MC, ch any number to obtain a desired length for band and tie strings. Fasten Off. I made 150 chs for the first 2 and 200 for the third, which is used to tie at the back.

Row 2: With CC and working into back bumps of chs, sl st in each ch across. Fasten Off.

Mark off the center 50 chs on each cord. The short cords are evenly divided with 50 on each side and 50 in the middle. The long one has 75 on each side and 50 in the middle.

Taking all three cords, tie a knot at one end at the marked area. Then braid the cords till you get to the last 50 (75) chs and tie another knot to secure.

Tie a Knot
Tie a Knot

Instead of braiding the cords, you can also just make a few twists in each one of them before tying the second knot.

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