Easy Popcorn Womens Ear Warmer Headband

Use this easy popcorn womens ear warmer headband pattern to whip up a nice headband or a cozy ear warmer for yourself or your daughters. The pattern is super easy to adjust in size, and can be worked up in any yarn that you have on hand. However, I recommend using a thinner yarn in order to maintain a nice stretch.

Easy Popcorn Womens Ear Warmer Headband
Easy Popcorn Womens Ear Warmer Headband

It is shown above as an ear warmer for transitional weather. But you could easily omit a few rounds for a narrower headband if you wanted to.

The Stitch Pattern

The stitches used here include the extended single crochet and the half double crochet puff stitch. It’s a nice open lace, especially when worked with two colors as shown.

I used Loops and Threads Woolike because it lends to a lot of stretch. Plus, it’s not bulky, making this great for transitional weather when you want a little something extra to keep you warm.

With that said, you can adjust the circumference in a multiple of two, and the width can be adjusted by doing more or less repeats of the pattern rounds. Thus, any yarn and hook size can be used as a substitute, provided they give you the stretch that you are looking for.

If you’d like to wear this in the winter, I’d say Vanna’s Choice would be a good substitute.

Other Patterns to Try

Other patterns that use this stitch pattern are this crochet bag, this crochet cowl and this cute cup cozy pattern. If you’re looking for more earwarmers you might enjoy this roundup of warm winter headbands, or check out the archive page for crochet ear warmers.

Easy Popcorn Womens Ear Warmer Headband

Adjust this ear warmer headband to any size you need in the stitch multiple provided.
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Skill Level


  • Yarn: Loops and Threads Woolike (Super Fine (1) – 85% acrylic, 15% Nylon — 678yds/620m — 3.5oz/100g) – 2 balls
  • Crochet Hook: G 4.00mm
  • Other: Measuring Tape, Scissors, Yarn Needle.


  • Gauge: 11 Puff sts = 4"
  • Finished Size: Laying flat it measures 8" across by 3.25" wide. Has a lot of stretch for comfortable fit.


Special Stitch Instructions

  • ESC: Insert hk in st or sp indicated, yo and pull up a lp, yo and pull through one lp, yo and pull through both lps on hk.
  • PC: Work 3 hdc into sp indicated, remove hk from lp and insert into first hdc made, pick up the lp and pull through, ch 1 to close the st.


  • Change to new color in joining slip stitch of previous round.
  • Carry the non-working yarn up at each round.
  • Or, for a seamless look, fasten off each color as you’re done with it and join new color with a standing crochet stitch.
  • Circumference can be adjusted in a multiple of 2.
  • If using a thicker yarn, or if making a headband, do fewer repeats of Rnds 3 to 5.


  • With CA, Ch 90, or any multiple of 2. Join with sl st in first ch being careful not to twist.
  • Rnd 1: Ch 1, working into back bumps, sc in same ch as join and into each ch around; join with sl st in first sc. [90 sts]
  • Rnd 2: With CB, ch 1, (esc, ch 1) in same st as join, *sk next st, (esc, ch 1) in next st; rep from * around to last st; sk last st; join with sl st in first esc. [45 esc]
  • Rnd 3: Continue with CB, ch 1, (esc, ch 1) into same esc as join and into each esc around; join with sl st in first esc. [45 esc.]
  • Rnd 4: With CA, sl st into ch-1 sp, ch 1, pc into same sp, pc into next ch-1 sp and into each ch-1 sp around; join with sl st in first pc. [45 pcs]
  • Rnd 5: With CB, sl st into sp before next pc, ch 1, (esc, ch 1) into same sp and into each sp around; join with sl st in first esc. [45 esc]
  • Rnds 6-14: Rep Rnds 3-5 three times.
  • Rnd 15: Rep rnd 3.
  • Rnd 16: With CA, ch 1, esc in same st as join and into each st and ch around; join with sl st in first esc. [90 sts] Fasten Off.

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