HDC Cross Stitch DIY Coffee Cup Cozy

If you’re doing any spring cleaning, this crochet DIY coffee cup cozy is the perfect pattern to help you clean up the smallest amount of cotton yarn. It’s quick and easy to make, making it easy to make a bunch in a hurry.

It makes for a great gift idea for anyone who likes to spend their mornings at the coffee shop, or anyone else who goes through take out a lot.

Coffee cup cozy shown on a medium takeout cup.
Crochet DIY Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern

Crocheted cup cozies are not only a great way to clean up your yarn stash, but they are useful in protecting your hands from a hot cup of tea or coffee. Plus, they can be re-used over and over again, making them great for the environment as well.

How It’s Made

The pattern is started off with 28 chains. Any multiple of 2 will work. Join the last chain to the first chain and begin working in rounds.

Chain 28 for the cup cozy, and join.

The first round is worked into the back bumps with single crochet stitches. The next 5 rounds are worked with the half double crochet cross stitch. The stitch is made by skipping a stitch, working a half double crochet, then going back and making a half double crochet into the skipped stitch. It’s super easy, but gives you a beautiful texture on the right side!

Work a round of single crochets, then the half double crochet cross stitch.

To finish the cozy, the last round is worked with single crochet stitches again.

Crochet cup cozy completed.

The finished size is made to fit a standard takeout paper coffee cup. But as already mentioned, it is super easy to adjust this to other sizes in a multiple of two.

For a DIY coffee cozy, I prefer to use cotton yarn. A worsted weight cotton is a good shield from high temperatures. It washes well, and is also absorbent if you’re using it to catch drips from cold drinks.

I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, but other similar yarns will work too.

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DIY Coffee Cup Cozy

This crochet coffee cup cozy works up quick and easy. You only need a small amount of yarn, and it makes for a nice gift idea for anyone who loves their tea and coffee.
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Skill Level


  • Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (Worsted Weight, #4; 100% Cotton; 1.75 oz/50g; 80yds/73m) 1 ball.
  • Crochet Hook: H/5.00mm
  • Other: Scissors, Yarn Needle.

Finished Measurement:

  • 3" tall by 9" around. Fits a standard take-out cup.



  • Ch 28 (or any multiple of 2 to get the circumference needed), join with sl st in first ch being careful not to twist chs.
  • Rnd 1: Working into back bumps, ch 1, sc in same ch as join and into each ch around; join with sl st in first sc. [28 sts]
  • Rnd 2: Sl st into next st, ch 1, hdc in same st, backtrack and hdc in same st as where join was made, *sk next st, hdc in next st, hdc in skipped st; rep from * around; join with sl st in first hdc. [28 sts]
  • Rnds 3-6: Rep Rnd 2.
  • Rnd 7: Ch 1, sc in same st as join and into each stitch around. Fasten Off.

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