Linked Headband

Linked Headband
Linked Headband

This crochet headband is made by crocheting up links, or mini circles and joining them together as each link is crocheted. Due to the way the links are joined, the finished headband resembles a chain. You can make the headband as long as you like.

You do not need much crochet thread to make this crocheted headband. The pattern is suitable for using up odds and ends, as you can easily make each link a different color.

Another use for this pattern is to make a belt to tie around the waist. Crochet thread is strong, and thus suitable for it.

Due to the nature of the headband you will have to block the band before wearing it, as it tends to curl up without it. Blocking instructions are at the end of the pattern.

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Material: Size 3 Crochet Thread
Hook size: 0/3.25 MM (Metal hook)

Make enough links until the headband is long enough to tie in the back.

Link: Ch 10, join with sl st. Ch 1, work 2 sc in each ch around. Join with sl st. Fasten off.

After the first link, each link is joined to the previous when the beginning chains are joined with a sl st. Just be careful not to twist the chains as you join them. Also, make sure to thread the chains through the previous link in the same direction each time, as that will allow for the same side of the links to face up when the headband is blocked.


Blocking Instructions

Lay the headband out onto a wet towel, and position the links to face the same direction. If the links are joined together from the same angle, then the right sides of all the links will be facing the same direction.

Once positioned, fold the wet towel over the headband and allow to dry.

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