Bouncy Bubbly Ear Warmer Headband

Crochet this ear warmer headband to any width and circumference as you like. It is worked in rows and then joined together at the ends, which makes it super easy to customize for all sizes from baby to adult large.

Bouncy Bubbly Ear Warmer ~ FREE Crochet Pattern
Bouncy Bubbly Ear Warmer Headband

My favorite thing about this ear warmer headband is the beautiful stretch that you get by working in rows. Mine only has a circumference of about 16″, but it stretches to fit my head perfectly. The stretch not only allows for a comfy fit, but it also brings out a nice lace on the fabric. Plus, it’s got a beautiful texture due to what I like to call the bead stitch.

Because of the thin yarn and the stitch pattern, this ear warmer takes a bit of time to crochet up. However, once you feel how comfortable it is to wear you won’t mind the extra time you spent to make this. The yarn I used is a fine #2 yarn, but choose any yarn and hook you like. However, a different yarn and hook size might not result in the same amount of stretch.

It’s not something that you would wear in extreme winter temperatures, but it’s perfect for fall and spring weather. If you are looking for something a bit more cozy you might want to check out the Charisma crochet ear warmer.

Bouncy Bubbly Ear Warmer ~ FREE Crochet Pattern

Bouncy Bubbly Ear Warmer Headband

This crochet ear warmer features a pretty texture and a lovely stretch, both of which will make it a favorite pattern to make.
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Skill Level



  • Gauge: Not important as it's easy to adjust to any size.
  • Finished Measurements 8" by 3" when laying flat. Can easily be adjusted to any width and length.


  • RS = Right Side
  • WS = Wrong Side
  • Bead St = Bead Stitch
  • Ch/Chs = Chain/Chains
  • Hk = Hook
  • Lp/Lps = Loop/Loops
  • Rep = Repeat
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • Sk = Skip
  • Sp/Sps = Space/Spaces
  • St/Sts = Stitch/Stitches
  • YO = Yarn Over
  • See the Crochet Abbreviations chart for more details.
  • This pattern is written in American Crochet Terms

Special Stitch Instructions

  • Bead St: Insert hk into indicated st, yo and pull through, (yo and pull through one lp on hk) twice, yo and pull through both lps on hk. When you work into the next stitch make sure the bobble is facing the right side.


  • Ch-1 made at end of row counts as turning ch.


  • Ch 16 (or any multiple of 2 to get the width you need.),
  • Row 1(WS): (Sc, ch 1) in 2nd ch from hk, *sk next ch, (sc, ch 1) in next ch, rep from * across. Turn. [7 ch-1 sps]
  • Row 2(RS): Sc in first st, *bead st in ch-1, sc in next sc; rep from * across. Ch 1. Turn. [15 sts]
  • Row 3: (Sc, ch 1) in first st, *sk next st, (sc, ch 1) in next st, rep from * across. Turn. [7 ch-1 sps]
  • Rows 4-76: Rep rows 2 and 3 until you have reached a desired length (circumference), making sure to end last row with Row 2.
  • Join last row made to first row and fasten off.


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