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Picot Cowl & Arm Warmers

Here are my free patterns for a picot cowl and arm warmers. They are quick and easy to crochet up using leftover skeins from your yarn stash. And they are perfect for keeping you warm in the spring, fall or even during the winter weather. You could even make these in a cotton or another natural material for the summer as well.

Free Crochet Patterns
Picot Cowl & Arm Warmers

Both can be worn with just about any top or underneath a spring or a big winter jacket. They are not bulky, making them the perfect set to carry in your purse for when you get chilly.

Plus, this makes for the perfect last-minute gift idea for all the women on your list.

The Stitch Pattern

This set is worked with a single crochet, and the picot stitch in one round. The next round is then worked with double crochets and chain one spaces. It’s a simple, yet elegant, lace that you can wear to any occasion.

The picot stitch is very easy learn for those who have mastered the basic stitches.

The Size

The size for the cowl is given for a women’s small. It is designed to fit snug around the neck… but you can easily increase that if you like. In a simple multiple of two, you can easily crochet this to any size you need from child to adult.

For the arm warmer you simply make enough chains to go around your wrist and go from there.

The Yarn

I used Patons Canadiana, a medium #4 worsted weight acrylic yarn, but anything similar should work too. Vanna’s Choice is a good alternative, but because it’s so easy to adjust in size you could basically use any yarn and hook size.

Patons Canadiana

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Free Crochet Pattern
Free Crochet Patterns

Picot Cowl & Arm Warmers

Crochet this set to any size that you need from child to adult.
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Skill Level


  • Yarn: Patons Canadiana At least one 3.5oz ball for the cowl depending on how large you make it, and one for the arm warmers.
  • Crochet Hook: H/8-5.00mm
  • Other: Measuring Tape, Scissors, Yarn Needle.


  • Gauge: Measures 2" across 3 stitch repeats and over 6 pattern rows.
  • Finished Size: When laying flat the cowl measures 11" by 6", however, you can make it any size you want.


  • RS = Right Side
  • WS = Wrong Side
  • Bet = Between
  • Ch/Chs = Chain/Chains
  • Dc = Double Crochet
  • FO = Fasten Off
  • Rep = Repeat
  • Rnd/Rnds = Round/Rounds
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • Sk = Skip
  • Sl St = Slip Stitch
  • Sp/Sps = Space/Spaces

Special Stitch Instructions

  • Picot: Ch 3, sl st into 3rd ch from hook.


  • This cowl is turned after each round.


  • Ch 70 or any multiple of 2; join with sl st to first ch being careful not to twist chs.
  • Rnd 1: (RS) Ch 1, sc in same ch as join, ch 1, sk next ch, *(sc, ch 1) in next ch, sk next ch; rep from * around; join with sl st to first sc. Turn. (35 ch-1 sps)
  • Rnd 2: (WS) Sl st into first ch-1 sp, ch 1, (sc, picot, sc) into same sp and into each sp around; join with sl st to first sc. Turn. (35 picots)
  • Rnd 3: Sl st into sp before next sc, ch 3 (counts as first dc now and throughout), ch 1, *sk picot, dc in sp bet next 2 sc, ch 1; rep from * around; join with sl st to first dc (3rd ch) Turn. (35 ch-1 sps)
  • Repeat rnds 2 and 3 until you have reached a desired width making sure to end with rnd 2. FO.


  • Rnd 2 will act as the edging on one side. To make the edging on the other side, join yarn to any ch-1 sp made in the starting chs and with WS facing; ch 1, (sc, picot, sc) into same sp and into each sp around; join with sl st to first sc. FO. (35 picots)

To Make the Armwarmers:

  • Chain any multiple of 2 to fit around your arm or wrist and follow the pattern above.

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