Charisma Crochet Slouchy Beanie

Here is the Charisma Crochet Slouchy Beanie to match the Charisma Cowl that was published several weeks ago. The beanie works up super quick and is comfortable to wear. Plus, you only need one skein of yarn, which makes it easy on the wallet as well.

Charisma Chunky Beanie ~ FREE Crochet Pattern
Charisma Chunky Beanie ~ FREE Crochet Pattern

When I crocheted the first copy, I crocheted the brim with a 9mm crochet hook. It turned out great, but it wasn’t all that comfortable to wear at first. However, after a few washes it somehow conformed to my head and now it fits great. The second one was crocheted with an 8mm and it fit great from the get-go. So it’s totally up to you which hook you want to use for the brim.

The Size

The size as given fits an adult small head. It’s a nice long hat for those who like to wear their hair in a ponytail. But as already mentioned, you can make this for any size that you need! Both the circumference and the length are super easy to adjust!

Here is a Crochet Hat Size Chart by Age to help take the guesswork out.

The Yarn

I used Loops and Threads Charisma; a #5 bulky weight acrylic yarn. I LOVE this yarn! It is soft, yet strong and durable! On top of that, it is easy to work with!

But, you can basically choose any yarn and hook size that you like. The stitch pattern is easy to adjust to the size you need, and will look great in pretty much any yarn and yarn weight.


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The Stitch Pattern

The stitch pattern is very easy! The only stitch that is used is the single crochet, along with chain one spaces.

The crochet hat is started at the brim with the ribbing rows. The ribbing is created by working into the back loops only. You simply crochet your ribbing rows to fit around the head. Any multiple of two will work.

Then you join the ribbing and begin working in rounds. The rounds are worked simply with the single crochet and chain one spaces, with the single crochets worked into the back loops only. This not only gives you a nice texture, but a nice stretchy fabric as well!

Easy Patterns

Crochet twisted headband pattern shown in two colors.
V stitch dishcloth pattern shown in a solid color using a cotton yarn.
Free crochet pattern
Charisma Chunky Beanie ~ FREE Crochet Pattern

Charisma Crochet Slouchy Beanie

This crochet slouchy beanie pattern is available in one size, but can be adjusted to any size you need.
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Skill Level


  • Yarn: Loops and Threads Charisma Bulky #5 yarn. (One 3.5oz ball)
  • Crochet Hook: 8 or 9mm for the ribbing rows and a 10mm for the body. (I recommend using the 8mm because it fits better, but with the 9mm it seems to look a bit better.)
  • Other: Measuring Tape, Scissors, Yarn Needle.


  • Gauge: 2.5" over 3 (sc, ch 1) sets.
  • Finished Size: When laying flat, and with the 8mm hook it measures 9" across the brim and 11" top to bottom. However, you can make this hat as big or a small as like.


  • Bl/bls = Back Loop/Back Loops
  • Ch/Chs = Chain/Chains
  • FO = Fasten Off
  • Hk = Hook
  • Lp/Lps = Loop/Loops
  • Rep = Repeat
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • Sk = Skip
  • Sl St = Slip Stitch
  • St/Sts = Stitch/Stitches


  • Each end of ribbing row equals 1 st.
  • Chains do not count as sts.


Ribbing Rows

  • With 8mm hk, Ch 7,
  • Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across. Turn. (6 sts)
  • Row 2: Working in bl only, ch 1, sc in each st across. Turn.
  • Rows 3-38: Continue with row 2 until you have reached a desired circumference making sure to end in an even number of rows.
  • Ch 1 and join the ribbing rows by slip stitching the last row to the free lps of starting chs.

Body of Hat – Begin working into the ends of the rows.

  • Rnd 1: Ch 1, sc in first row end, and into each row end around; join with sl st in both lps of first sc. (38 sts)
  • Rnd 2: Switch to 10mm hk and working in bl only, ch 1, (sc, ch 1) in same st as join, *sk next st, (sc, ch 1) in next st; rep from * around; join with sl st in both lps of first sc. (19 sc sts)
  • Rnd 3: Continue working in bl only, ch 1, (sc, ch 1) in same st as join and into each sc st around. Do not work into chs. Join with sl st in both lps of first sc.
  • Rnds 4-16: Continue with rnd 3 until you have reached a desired height. FO at last rnd leaving a long enough tail to weave through last rnd to close beanie. I went into the back lps on every sc st; then pulled it tight and weaved it in to secure.
  • This beanie would look great with pom pom. Here is a short tutorial on how to make a pom pom.

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