Clustered V-St Crochet Spring Scarf

This crochet spring scarf pattern is worked long and narrow using a lightweight yarn. It’s not only perfect for the spring, but it would make for a nice summer scarf as well. Or, wear it throughout the year to accessorize or to add an extra layer to your outfit.

For the spring, summer, and fall weather, you can do a loose wrap around the neck to add a bit of warmth. For the summer this can also help to protect your shoulders from the sun.

And for the winter, it’s super long so you can do two cozy wraps around the neck for a cozy winter scarf. You’ll get lots of usage out of this lightweight crochet scarf pattern, making it perfect for gifting!

A lightweight crochet spring scarf worn loose around the neck.

Finished Size

As already mentioned, this lightweight scarf is super long, but you can easily shorten it simply by reducing the number of rows. If you need to adjust the width, the pattern provides a stitch multiple for the starting chains.

As is, the scarf measurements are 7″ wide by 91″ long, laid flat after blocking.


I used one skein of It’s a Wrap by Red Heart. The yarn Fine #2, and is perfect for making light and lacy projects for the summer or year-round use.

The yarn is self-striping, so you get a beautiful set of colors without having to make any color changes.

The Stitch Pattern

This scarf pattern uses a combination of both the cluster and v-stitch. So think of the v-stitch, but each leg is worked in a cluster stitch. The crochet stitch is easy to learn once you are familiar with the basics of crocheting.

It is a very simple lace, but gives you an elegant look for any occasion.

I did not add an edging as I used a self-striping yarn. However, an edging always helps to give it a neater edge. With that said, I found the edge to be fairly straight after blocking. Even the ends look good. They do have a slight wave to it, but it works well with the scarf.


A twisted crochet ear warmer is shown on a mannequin.

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Clustered V-St Crochet Spring Scarf

This lightweight crochet scarf is can be worn throughout the seasons.
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Skill Level


  • Yarn: Red Heart It's A Wrap Sprinkles (Fine, #2; 50% Acrylic, 50% Cotton; 5.29oz/150g; 623yds/570m) Color: Cupcake, 1 ball.
  • Hook: 3.5mm
  • Other: Scissors, Yarn Needle.


  • Gauge: 1 (cl v-st, ch 1, sc, ch 1) = 1 stitch repeat. 3 stitch repeats = 3.5".
  • Finished Size: 7" wide by 91" long, laid flat after blocking.


Special Stitch Instructions

  • Cl V-St: *[Yo and insert hk into ch/st as indicated, yo and pull through, yo and pull through 2 lps] 2 times, (3 lps on hk) yo and pull through all 3 lps *, ch 1; rep from * to * once in the same ch/st.


  • Ch 38, or any multiple of 6 + 2.
  • Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hk, sc in next ch, sk next ch, work cl-v-st in next ch, *ch 1, sk next 2 chs, sc in next ch, ch 1, sk next 2 chs, work cl-v-st in next ch; rep from * across to last 3 chs, sk next ch, sc in last 2 chs. Turn. [6 cl v-sts]
  • Row 2: Ch 2 (does not count as stitch, now and throughout), dc in first 2 sc, ch 1, sc in sp of next cl-v-st, ch 1, *work cl-v-st in next sc, ch 1, sc in sp of next cl-v-st, ch 1; rep from * across to last 2 sc; dc in last 2 sc. Turn. [5 cl v-sts]
  • Row 3: Ch 1, sc in first 2 dc, work cl-v-st in next sc, *ch 1, sc in sp of next cl-v-st, ch 1, cl-v-st in next sc; rep from * across to last 2 dc; sc in last 2 dc. Turn. [6 cl v-sts]
  • Rows 4-250: Rep Rows 2 and 3 until you have reached a desired length, ending with Pattern Row 2. I fastened off here as I did not do an edging.

Optional Edging

  • Rnds 1-2: Ch 1, sc evenly around working 3 sc into each corner; join with slip stitch in first sc. Fasten Off.



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  1. Will you do a demonstration on the ‘clustered v stitch ‘ on tutorials for us so we can create this beautiful scarf.
    Thank you.

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