Blossom Stitch Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

This baby blanket crochet pattern is crocheted up with the blossom stitch. I love this stitch because it gives you a nice appearance on both sides of the fabric. It makes for a lovely baby blanket to gift to little girls; but in the right colors, you could just as easy crochet this up for baby boys as well.

Blossom Stitch Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

It’s shown here in a solid color, but why not try it in pretty baby stripes or even a rainbow color. Babies love color, so the more you add the happier they will be.

Regardless of what you choose, this blanket makes for a perfect gift for baby showers.

What I liked best about this light baby blanket crochet pattern is that it allowed for mindless crochet once I got started on it. I found this to be a great project to work on at night before bed to help me relax for a good night sleep. And for new moms-to-be, I’m sure it would be a great way for them to relax as they await for their new bundle of joy to arrive.

The Stitch Pattern

The blossom stitch is an easy stitch pattern consisting of the v-stitch with double crochets, single crochets and chain one spaces. The stitch pattern is a two-row repeat, with the stitches alternated between the two rows.

It’s got a bit of an open stitch and lacy design to it, which also gives it a nice drape. And it’s great for the summer months, especially if you use a cotton yarn.

The Size

The baby blanket measures about 30″ by 30″, making it perfect for newborns. Use it in the crib or the stroller.

You can easily customize this free pattern to fit your needs. In a simple multiple of 4+1 you can increase and decrease the width as needed. 

Since the pattern is worked in rows, the length is worked by doing more or less repeats of the pattern rows.

This blanket size chart may come in handy if making adjustments to the size. The size chart includes other baby blanket sizes as well as bigger blankets too!

The Yarn

To make this free crochet baby blanket pattern I used a #3 light worsted baby yarn called Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly Big! It’s an acrylic yarn, which makes it easy to wash over and over again as needed without having to worry about the blanket losing its prettiness.

With that said, the stitch looks great in almost any yarn, so feel free to substitute as you like. And it doesn’t even have to baby yarn either, as long as it’s soft and baby safe if you’re making it for a baby.

Crochet baby blanket shown from the wrong side of the fabric.

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Blossom Baby Blanket

Blossom Stitch Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

The finished size of this blanket can easily be increased or decreased as needed.
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Skill Level


  • Yarn: Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly Big! (Light #3, 14oz) – 1 ball.
  • Crochet Hook: G 4.00mm
  • Other: Measuring Tape, Scissors, Yarn Needle.


  • Gauge: Measures 2.5" over 3 V-sts.
  • Finished Size: 30" x 30"


Special Stitch Instructions

  • V-St: (dc, ch 1, dc) in designated chain or space.



  • Ch 137, or any multiple of 4 + 1.
  • Row 1: V-St in 3rd ch from hook (first skipped ch counts as turning ch and first sc), *sk next ch, sc in next ch**, sk next ch, V-st in next ch; rep from * across ending last rep at **. (34 V-Sts) Turn.
  • Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as first dc and ch-1 sp), *(sc, ch 1) in v-st, (dc, ch 1) in next sc; rep from * across working last (dc, ch1) into turning ch of previous row. Last ch-1 made counts as turning ch and first sc for next row. (68 ch-1 sps) Turn.
  • Row 3: *V-st in next sc, sc in next dc; rep from * across. Turn.
  • Rows 4-91: Rep rows 2-3.


  • Rnd 1: Sc evenly around working 3 sc into each corner and making sure to end with an even number. Join with sl st in first sc.
  • Rnd 2: Ch 1, (sc, dc) in same st as join, *sk next st, (sc, dc) in next st; rep from * around; join with sl st in first sc. Fasten Off.
Free baby blanket crochet pattern using the crochet blossom stitch.

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  1. At first glance, I thought this was just a V-Stitch blanket, but looking closer at the pattern, I can see it’s a variation of it. The V-Stitch is one of my favorite lacy look stitches, especially for Spring/Summer scarves – I will now have to add the Blossom Stitch to my list, and this baby blanket! Pinning.

    1. Yes, the V is very nice, although I hardly work with it anymore. the blossom is nice too, but you have to pay a bit more attention between the rows. Thanks so much for the pin. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the pattern for this beautiful baby blanket.and thanks for making it free. I also want to thank you for putting the mulitples that are needed to make this a different size. That helps tremendoulsy because sometimes I can’t figure out the multiples when I want to change sizes. I love this!!

  3. New to crocheting here….I am so confused by the instructions for the 2nd row. Could you please clarify that for me? Thanks

  4. My vertical rows seem to go on a slight diagonal. The “blossoms” don’t quite line up in a checkerboard patter, rather they tilt at a very slight angle. Do you think this has something to do with yarn tension? I know I am following the pattern directions properly. Maybe if I block the afghan when I’m done it will get more square? Help! Thanks!

  5. Do you have a pattern for a blanket crocheted in the round using the blossom stitch? This blanket is so pretty but sometimes I like to crochet in rounds when using up yarn.

  6. 5 stars
    Thank you for posting the patterns for free! It helps keep me up-to-date with what is new and easy. I also appreciate that you include the multiples needed to increase the size of a particular pattern. It takes the guess work out of trying to increase the size.

    1. Hi Diane, I would suggest to make a small gauge swatch. Then measure the stitches per inch to calculate how many stitches you need.

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